Life has many twists and turns. I’ve been absent for a couple weeks because of those twists and turns. I am back now…but today’s post will be quite short.

One of my detours was taking my elderly cat to the vet last week because of odd behavior. After telling me to be prepared for the worst, the vet ran some tests and said that between kidney failure and cancer, it would be best to say goodbye…and so I did. My sweet “cat girl” and I snuggled while we awaited the test results and upon hearing them, snuggled a bit more as they prepared the injections. I held her through her final moments and cried at her passing.

“Cat girl” had been a part of my family for well over 18 years. My daughter named her Aya, but I gave her so many names over the course of the years, I don’t know that she knew what her name really was. She was a snuggler who thought my lap was the best place in the world. She loved lettuce and begged for it when I made a salad. We carried on conversations together, and I know beyond a doubt that she understood every word I said.

My house is empty now. Hubby doesn’t want more pets…it’s the first time in over 30 years that there has not been a fur baby in our family. Hopefully, some day he’ll relent and another animal will make its way into our home, our hearts, and our lives. In the meantime, I grieve for a precious bundle of fur who brightened my days in so many ways.

And I am grateful that we had 18 plus years together, loving each other.

In Memory

In Memory



First, a disclaimer. I am NOT a medical practitioner. The following is just my opinion, based on my experience. Please do your own research and do not perceive this as medical advice.

ABC News showed a big map last night and tonight highlighting all of the states where the flu has hit. I believe the newest number is 41 states. Part of the story on flu is to insist that people get a flu shot. I question the health of doing that.

I have received the flu vaccine a couple of times, but I choose not to any more. First of all, the shot has resulted in my being quite ill previously…and we’re not talking redness and pain at the site of the injection; we’re talking serious cases of bronchitis that took nearly a month to get under control. Secondly, the vaccine is laden with toxins, like formaldehyde, which I choose not to knowingly allow in to my body. And thirdly, the flu strain for which the vaccine is made is not necessarily the flu strain that hits in any given year.

Yes, some people should get the vaccine, especially people who eat the Standard American Diet; unhealthy lifestyles and lack of nutritious foods do not create a particularly strong immune system. Since I’ve been following a nutritarian lifestyle (Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Eat to Live), my immune system has strengthened and, I believe, can efficiently fight cold and flu viruses without having the vaccine. (That does not mean that I will not get the flu or catch a cold, but that my body can quickly take out the virus.)

For the record, I am not against vaccines. Some, like the polio vaccine, have put an end to a horrible disease. Having the pneumonia vaccine or the shingles vaccine really makes sense for the elderly. BUT….most vaccines last for several years before needing another vaccine or a booster or require only one vaccine period. The flu vaccine is EVERY YEAR. And those toxins it contains are EVERY YEAR. It seems to me a healthier long-term option might just be to eat from nature’s pharmacy…..fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds…..and get a stronger immune system.

Here’s some other info:

What do you think of the flu vaccine? Did you, or are you, getting one this year?


Please forgive me in advance if I sound radical, but . . . is it really unreasonable for me to want to know if a food I’m ingesting contains GMOs (genetically modified organisms)? Am I totally crazy? Or am I on to something?

GMOs are the brainchild and key source of  earnings for Monsanto, maker of the killer herbicide, Roundup. Monsanto does not want anyone to know that GMOs actually cause health problems… little things, like cancer, birth defects, and serious food allergies. Several countries in Europe, as well as Russia, have figured it out. The U.S. is content to let Monsanto’s dollars buy our ignorance.

“If you put a label on genetically engineered food you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it.”                                                                       Norman Braksick, president of Asgrow Seed Co., a subsidiary of Monsanto, quoted in the Kansas City Star, March 7, 1994

California is going to try to buck the trend. This November Californians get to vote on Proposition 37, which will require labeling of foods as to whether they contain GMOs. (Unfortunately I live in Texas.) Many food producers and organic farms are part of the Non-GMO Project. Look for the Non-GMO Verified label or buy organic foods only (although many organic crops have already been contaminated by GMOs and the courts have allowed those farmers no recourse for obtaining damages.)

There is far more information out there than I can address in a single small post. Instead I’m posting a few links for you to check out.

And finally, please boycott these Monsanto companies. If we hurt Monsanto’s pocketbook, it might be a bit easier to get the labeling we radicals so desire.

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Let’s Prevent…Then We Won’t Have to Cure

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s great that we raise awareness and that we raise money to fund research….BUT what if we already have the tools to prevent most cancers, including breast cancer? What if we spent as much time and money educating people on what they can do to prevent cancer? According to many doctors who promote a whole foods, plant-based diet (Dr. Neil Bernard, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Joel Fuhrman….to name just a few), we DO have the tools. Those tools are the foods we eat.

Cancer has become more prevalent in the United States as people have bought in to the fast food, highly processed, high fat, high sugar diet. Tonight on ABC News there was a segment on a couple of people who were part of a study on how fast food affects weight. In just a few short weeks, the two people profiled had gained a significant amount of weight. Check this out for yourself:  Excess weight has long been a causal factor for cancer. I believe that by eating a plant-based diet, we get to choose a different ending. Every time I eat highly nutritional foods, I improve my odds.

A Facebook friend of mine, Sharon McRae, has a very personal story regarding this. Sharon’s mother died from cancer but Sharon’s story is one of why she will not support the pink ribbon campaign. Please check out her story here:

Instead of jumping on the pink ribbon campaign this year, consider how we might aim for preventative medicine instead…. Healthy, nutritious foods are the “drugs” we need to help prevent this vicious disease. Let’s quit funding companies that promote an unhealthy lifestyle by buying their pink ribbon merchandise. Let’s educate people on the tools that are readily available to prevent cancer and other diseases. It might put the pharmaceutical companies out of business, or severely reduce their profits, but it will save a lot of lives. 

Oh, and by the way,  I’m with Sharon . . . I’m boycotting the pink ribbon, too!