Life has many twists and turns. I’ve been absent for a couple weeks because of those twists and turns. I am back now…but today’s post will be quite short.

One of my detours was taking my elderly cat to the vet last week because of odd behavior. After telling me to be prepared for the worst, the vet ran some tests and said that between kidney failure and cancer, it would be best to say goodbye…and so I did. My sweet “cat girl” and I snuggled while we awaited the test results and upon hearing them, snuggled a bit more as they prepared the injections. I held her through her final moments and cried at her passing.

“Cat girl” had been a part of my family for well over 18 years. My daughter named her Aya, but I gave her so many names over the course of the years, I don’t know that she knew what her name really was. She was a snuggler who thought my lap was the best place in the world. She loved lettuce and begged for it when I made a salad. We carried on conversations together, and I know beyond a doubt that she understood every word I said.

My house is empty now. Hubby doesn’t want more pets…it’s the first time in over 30 years that there has not been a fur baby in our family. Hopefully, some day he’ll relent and another animal will make its way into our home, our hearts, and our lives. In the meantime, I grieve for a precious bundle of fur who brightened my days in so many ways.

And I am grateful that we had 18 plus years together, loving each other.

In Memory

In Memory


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  1. Shirley, I am so sorry!!! I have never had a kitty live that long but it must be devastating. I just don’t understand why you don’t get another cat. I do not currently work and hubby is the only one with a job. He is looking forward to retirement, so money is tight. He did not ever want any cats but I was raised with cats and he sees that they make me happy. I have always had 2 cats until recently. I currently have 3. When I had to euthanize one about 9 months, I got another. He was against it but I felt it was not up to him. He does not really have to do much for them and since I allow his business to be his, I expect the same, financial support not withstanding. So, a few weeks ago, I decided that 2 was not enough and adopted another because one of my cats is aging. He was dead set against the third cat. So, I told him that he probably should not have more than 2 guns in his gun collection (he shoots skeet and trap) because he could really only enjoy 1 at a time. I suggested the money from the sale of the extra guns could go into his retirement fund. He relented and drove me to the adoption site. I had spent several weeks scoping out the 3rd prisoner on Petfinder and other local sites. I realize that it is bold of me to give cat advice, but at our age, we deserve some control over our happiness and if that includes something as small as a furry bundle of joy, we are entitled..

  2. He’ll relent, Mary. He, too, is nearing retirement and we want to do some traveling so it will definitely make things easier. Eventually, I’ll get a small dog…that will give me incentive to get some walking in. I do appreciate your story and your advice…I also know how my hubby ticks.

    • Good to know. Several years ago, we decided it would be better to not adopt another pet when one of our cats passed away. The reason was our plan to travel, but then retirement did not happen as planned and my arms were empty. The dog idea sounds wonderful!

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