Just a short post today. My internet service has been down (supposedly being upgraded; we shall see…) Besides, I’m feeling a bit lazy…

Having a birthday recently meant being gifted with an Amazon gift card. What to buy? What to buy? (Yes, I meant both of those…I was thinking…) The answer was relatively easy this time. And look what arrived in my mail yesterday!

Vegan Pantry Cookbook

Yes, that really is Miyoko Schinner’s new book, The Homemade Vegan Pantry, and it is one beautiful book. I love the pictures and how she describes the foods and reiterates that anyone can do this. Obviously, I haven’t had time to make anything from the book yet, but there are recipes for condiments (classic eggless mayonnaise will be one of my first choices!), dairy- and egg-free milks and cheeses, soups, faux meats, pastas and sauces, grains (think breads, granola, crackers), and little somethings for the sweet tooth. Each recipe can be stored in some way so one builds a vegan pantry that is also free from preservatives.

I think this will be one of my favorite cookbooks! If you already have the book, please share what you’ve made!

If you don’t have the book, check it out here: The Homemade Vegan Pantry via Amazon  (Please note, I am not an Amazon affiliate.)


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