Local schools begin classes on Monday, August 24, this year. Several of the local private schools began classes this week. Amazing how quickly the summer has gone for the kids…and how easy the past the couple of months have been, driving by the schools at opening and dismissal.

Although school is starting now, the school supply displays went up right around July 4. Walk in any drugstore, big box store, office supply store, or even grocery store, and there was the display. I would walk slowly by wondering what treasures lurked in those bins. You see, I have a problem. I am addicted to school supplies.

I really don’t need more pens, pencils, paper (except maybe printer paper), notebooks, file folders, etc., but something in me calls out for them. Or maybe, just maybe, they know my name and they are calling me?

It’s been ages since I finished high school and then college. A few years later I had a child and I had to buy her supplies for school. She’s now all grown up with children herself. But school supplies get into the blood and every time the displays (and did I mention, the sales?) appear, it takes quite a bit of will power to just keep walking. Some days I make it … some days I don’t.

On the days I don’t make it, I look at pens and mechanical pencils first. Oooo…there’s a new color or a new style! Then, it’s paper and folders and binders, and I begin wondering to what purpose I could put some of those. Of course, I can’t bypass the crayons and the colored pencils. (There are coloring books specifically for adults after all.) Yes, I buy a few things. It’s in the blood, right?

In fact, you’ll have to excuse me… I need to run to the drugstore for some new pens and pencils…

What about you? Does the appearance of school supplies affect you at all?