Can you remember

who you were

before the world

told you who

you should be?

I saw that quote, source unknown, on Facebook. It looked like the words had been cut out from a magazine and then glued on to a beautiful background of many colors. Perhaps it was the colors that attracted me first but then the words burned into my soul.

The world has told us so many things. When we’re young, we have a certain freedom of movement to express our joy or sorrow in life. We dance and twirl when we’re happy; we pout and have meltdowns when life hurts us. When we’re young, we say exactly what we’re thinking. We stop and collect leaves even though we’re running late for school. We play in puddles and make angels in the snow.

And then the world tells us … “Sit still.” “Be quiet.” “Hurry!” “No! Stop! You’ll get dirty!” And the world also tells us … “You aren’t good enough.” “You can’t do that.” “You aren’t brave enough…smart enough…good looking enough.” “You need to look or act or be like this other person.”

What has the world been telling you? What are the tapes running through your head? Who would you be if the world hadn’t told you differently?

Dare to remember, if just for a moment. Dance! Twirl! Sing! Jump in the puddle! Gather the leaves! Cry! Laugh! Learn about the subject someone told you were incapable of learning about.

Dare to remember the person you would be if the world hadn’t told you who you should be and start becoming the person you are supposed to be!

After all, the world is often wrong…


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