I love opening packages! In fact, I can’t stand to see anything sit around unopened. My husband, on the other hand, can let something sit for days before he finally opens it.  (I probably become a bit of a nag about it, too…”aren’t you going to open ____?” “Later,” is usually the answer. Repeat this conversation several times.)

What is it about an unopened package that makes me this way? Most of the time, I know what’s in the box or envelope; after all, it’s something I’ve ordered. Recently I ordered some fabric and when I opened the box, I was finally able to actually touch the fabric and see close up how beautiful it was. Since I knew what was in the box, I’m sure it could just as easily have sat in my sewing room until I was ready to sew it up.

I think the issue is anticipation. I order the fabric or the book or the cd or some other item. I anticipate receiving it, holding it in my hands, experiencing it with another of my senses. When the package arrives, I want to be gratified by opening it and enjoying the contents immediately. (I won’t begin to explain my dilemma when it’s a surprise package or gift that I am unable to open until a designated time (my husband hides Christmas presents from me for that reason)…I drive myself to distraction.)

You knew an analogy was coming, right? Well, today, THIS DAY is a package, too. It’s delivered to my doorstep (my life) as soon as I wake up in the morning just as it’s delivered to yours each morning, too. Do we anticipate the day with as much enthusiasm as a box of fabric or a new book we’ve ordered? Do we hastily remove the wrapping so we can enjoy what’s inside the package? OR… do we wake up whining and complaining and then let the package of the new day just sit while we “stew” for a while?

A new gift of a new day every morning is a pretty astounding thing. I rather like the promise, the anticipation, of ripping off the wrapping and charging right in. Give me my cup of tea and I’m ready to go.

How are you with packages? What about the package of a new day that arrived on your doorstep this morning?

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