To See Again

I have a nasty eye infection. Prescription drops round two…and still very little improvement. There are no words for the annoyance…it’s difficult to read, to drive, to work on the computer, to do the little things of which life is comprised. Difficulty seeing has led me to do some thinking…

How many times do we pass by something because we choose not to see it? How many times do we miss the good “stuff” because we’re looking at the wrong “stuff”? How many times do we have an eye infection of the soul?

You’ve seen the viral videos…the man so engrossed in what’s on his phone that he misses meeting the love of his life or the woman looking so intently at her phone that she falls in the fountain. But what about me? What about you? What do we miss as we stare at our phones or computer screens or televisions? What incredible sights are we missing because we are looking out the wrong window?

I have watched as people take pictures of the Grand Canyon or the sunset off Waikiki Beach. In taking the picture they miss the actual experience. And I have been guilty of that…so busy trying to preserve what’s happening with a picture that I miss out on making a memory. Life is more than phones and cameras, more than computer screens and televisions, more than what the media feeds us.

Life is lived. There are no special eye drops for that eye infection of the soul. We just need to make a conscious choice. We need to step outside and begin to view the world again, to appreciate the flowers and the trees, to feel the air on our faces as we swing back and forth at the playground, to taste the food before us. We need to become mindful again, living in this moment, enjoying this moment, feeling the breath of life within us.

Choose wisely today.

How can you be more in touch with the world around you today?