What’s Next?

Okay, so now that I’m back, what’s next?

Well … first of all a bit about why I was gone in the first place.

I found that I was trying to do a recipe every week. Although I cook…and enjoy doing it…trying to come up with a new recipe every week became overwhelming to me. I do have a real life and there are so many things that interest me; recipes are just part of the equation. I suppose my brain said “enough” because I just stopped blogging period. So, now, I may share a recipe now and again if I come up with something brilliant, but I’m not going to force it.

What I will be doing is sharing opinions, books, websites, fascinating people, experiences and the like. Living a radiant life is far more than cooking after all. Yes, eating a whole food plant-based diet is extremely important, but our lives are made up of more than food.

I really have no idea how my new concept will evolve. I do know that through the end of August, I’m committing to writing a post twice a week, Tuesday and Friday. September may bring changes so bear with me.

Please, let me know the things that interest you in the comments below! I might just do some research and blog about your interest…really.

Until Friday…