Value in a Cracked Pot

The Japanese have an art form called kintsugi in which broken pottery is mended with a laquer which is dusted or mixed with precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum. The history of the piece is cherished, rather than discarded or disguised. There is a lesson for us here.


Tea bowl fixed in the Kintsugi Method. Image is from and according to Google Images is Public Domain.

The Bible tells us in Isaiah 64: 8 “But Lord, you are our father. We are like clay, and you are the potter. Your hands made us all.” (NIV) If He is indeed the potter, then He is also in the business of mending what is broken. Our lives are His pieces of pottery and, because we live in a fallen world, we get broken more often than we can count. What if He mends us with something more precious than gold, silver, or platinum? What if He is actually mending our brokenness with more of Himself?

Every broken shard of our lives is being put back together when we call upon our Creator. Each crack is filled with more of Him so that, in time, we will be more Him than we are ourselves. When we are viewed by others, they will see a history that is rich and profound and behold the glow of something brighter than gold.

It is in our broken pieces that we become even more valuable to the Kingdom. I like that.

What about you?

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To See Again

I have a nasty eye infection. Prescription drops round two…and still very little improvement. There are no words for the annoyance…it’s difficult to read, to drive, to work on the computer, to do the little things of which life is comprised. Difficulty seeing has led me to do some thinking…

How many times do we pass by something because we choose not to see it? How many times do we miss the good “stuff” because we’re looking at the wrong “stuff”? How many times do we have an eye infection of the soul?

You’ve seen the viral videos…the man so engrossed in what’s on his phone that he misses meeting the love of his life or the woman looking so intently at her phone that she falls in the fountain. But what about me? What about you? What do we miss as we stare at our phones or computer screens or televisions? What incredible sights are we missing because we are looking out the wrong window?

I have watched as people take pictures of the Grand Canyon or the sunset off Waikiki Beach. In taking the picture they miss the actual experience. And I have been guilty of that…so busy trying to preserve what’s happening with a picture that I miss out on making a memory. Life is more than phones and cameras, more than computer screens and televisions, more than what the media feeds us.

Life is lived. There are no special eye drops for that eye infection of the soul. We just need to make a conscious choice. We need to step outside and begin to view the world again, to appreciate the flowers and the trees, to feel the air on our faces as we swing back and forth at the playground, to taste the food before us. We need to become mindful again, living in this moment, enjoying this moment, feeling the breath of life within us.

Choose wisely today.

How can you be more in touch with the world around you today?

Make a Purse, Build a Life

I sew. I am not necessarily the best sewist in the world, nor am I the fastest, but I do enjoy sewing and I think I do a relatively good job. At this point in my life, though, I need to sew very little for myself. Even my daughter and granddaughters aren’t all that interested in the things I create.

What’s a gal to do? Sew for others! A friend and I started a sewing group at our church and we’ve made crib sheets for the local pregnancy center and walker caddies for nursing homes and we have a lot of ideas we’re toying with. Thing is, I enjoy making purses. I don’t need them…I just enjoy making them.

And then I found it! The perfect outlet for my creativity! The Sew Powerful Purse Project provides purses made by people from around the world to local schools and clinics in Lusaka Zambia as part of Menstruation Hygiene Management (MHM) programs. Re-usable sanitary pads and health information are added to the purses and these mean that many adolescent girls can now attend school all month long. Cash donations are also accepted. This purse project was started by the Liberty Jane Pattern Company and they take no money for their efforts…100% of cash donations, except for  the $15 monthly banking fee, are used for educational purposes like training seamstresses and buying sewing machines.

It’s a great program and I am excited to participate in it. Please check out the 2015 Sew Powerful Purse Project and download the 2015 purse pattern. If you sew make a purse…or two…or three. If you don’t sew, contribute a few dollars toward improving the lives girls and women in Zambia. And if you want to meet some like-minded people, come join this fantastic Facebook group of people all working on purses for this project, Sew Powerful Purse Project.  You can also join the Sew Powerful Facebook page: Sew Powerful Facebook Page.

Let me know you’re participating!

What’s Next?

Okay, so now that I’m back, what’s next?

Well … first of all a bit about why I was gone in the first place.

I found that I was trying to do a recipe every week. Although I cook…and enjoy doing it…trying to come up with a new recipe every week became overwhelming to me. I do have a real life and there are so many things that interest me; recipes are just part of the equation. I suppose my brain said “enough” because I just stopped blogging period. So, now, I may share a recipe now and again if I come up with something brilliant, but I’m not going to force it.

What I will be doing is sharing opinions, books, websites, fascinating people, experiences and the like. Living a radiant life is far more than cooking after all. Yes, eating a whole food plant-based diet is extremely important, but our lives are made up of more than food.

I really have no idea how my new concept will evolve. I do know that through the end of August, I’m committing to writing a post twice a week, Tuesday and Friday. September may bring changes so bear with me.

Please, let me know the things that interest you in the comments below! I might just do some research and blog about your interest…really.

Until Friday…

I’m Back

I know. I have been gone a long time. Life sometimes has a way of being filled with interruptions. It’s all good and much better than the alternative.

Words written by Franklin Graham on his Facebook page recently triggered something in me and I just needed to write. I wrote my thoughts in a public post on my Facebook page but want to share them here also. Before I copy in my post, let me preface it with this quote:

The best way to compel weak minded people to adopt our opinion, is to frighten them from all others, by magnifying their danger.  (Philip Dormer Stanhope)

And now my comments…

This was posted by Franklin Graham on July 18, 2015:

Four innocent Marines (United States Marine Corps) killed and three others wounded in ‪#‎Chattanooga yesterday including a policeman and another Marine–all by a radical Muslim whose family was allowed to immigrate to this country from Kuwait. We are under attack by Muslims at home and abroad. We should stop all immigration of Muslims to the U.S. until this threat with Islam has been settled. Every Muslim that comes into this country has the potential to be radicalized–and they do their killing to honor their religion and Muhammad. During World War 2, we didn’t allow Japanese to immigrate to America, nor did we allow Germans. Why are we allowing Muslims now? Do you agree? Let your Congressman know that we’ve got to put a stop to this and close the flood gates. Pray for the men and women who serve this nation in uniform, that God would protect them.

I cannot and will not tolerate the assumption that because one is Muslim, he or she is or will become radicalized. I will not allow judgments to be placed on a group of people because they believe differently than I do. I will not allow what happened to the Japanese and the Germans in the wake of World War II to happen again. I follow Jesus! I do not walk in fear but in love.

Jesus came to live and die for Muslims, too. They may not know it yet, but that doesn’t change anything. The Jesus way does not foster fear but insists on love. Mr. Graham does a grave injustice to the cause of Christ by his statements. I cannot and will not support him in this.

Yes, please pray for our armed forces but also pray that we do not become what we say we despise. Pray against the spirit of fear in this nation and those who promote that fear. Pray for those who do promote and instigate acts of terrorism. Pray that all who are Christians would be lights in the darkness of the world and instruments of healing. Pray that we would become more like Jesus in all we say and do.

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