No recipe today. I’ve been sick and cooking, hence eating, has not been a top priority. But I would like to direct you to a wonderful product….the Instant Pot.  I finally broke down and got myself one last summer…it does everything! It pressure cooks, slow cooks, sautes, steams, cooks beans, cooks rice, cooks steel cut oats….you get the picture. PLUS there is NO non-stick coating; it has a stainless steel removable liner. Take a look at this amazing little product:

As soon as I get over this lousy cold, I’ll be posting a recipe or two using a pressure cooker. If you don’t have one, you are totally missing out on a healthy and quick way to get a meal on the table. Flavors meld together wonderfully without hours of cooking. And beans! I cook soaked garbanzos (aka chickpeas) from scratch in 15 minutes plus a little time to build and release pressure. Garbanzos are notoriously time consuming under normal circumstances.

Pressure cookers are vastly different from the product my mother owned  still owns. They are safer and easier to use. If fear has kept you from getting one, re-think your fear. You can purchase one for use on top of the stove (I have a T-fal, stainless steel one) or an electric one (that would be my Instant Pot!). I use the Instant Pot almost exclusively. I have kept the T-Fal one to use in case of a power outage (we have hurricanes in my part of the world) because I have a gas stove.

And once you get yourself a pressure cooker, go visit Jill Nussinow’s site:  She has some great recipes posted, but even better is her book on pressure cooking.

See you next week with a new recipe!