No recipe from me today. Sorry. Traveling has taken all of my energy; besides, I just went grocery shopping yesterday and I had a meeting last night. BUT, I do want to share a Pumpkin Pie Filling recipe with you from Carrie. This young lady has created some wonderful recipes and this one  looks scrumptious; it’s also the one I’ll be trying today for the big meal tomorrow. I’ve never been a fan of crusts, so baking it up in little ramekins appeals to me. (And I DO recommend following Carrie’s blog!)

If you would  like a crust, this one looks appealing:

And if Carrie’s Pumpkin Filling and the above crust don’t get you excited, here’s another pumpkin pie recipe that looks delicious (it’s the one I was going to make until Carrie posted hers):

All of the above are vegan and nutritarian friendly recipes. Have fun creating your feast!