I tried to post to my blog from my phone yesterday….didn’t work. Maybe it was just that I needed to update the software (which I did last night), but the post never happened. As a result, I’ve modified it a tad and posted for real this time. 

I love garbanzo beans (aka chickpeas). Look what I found yesterday! They’re FROZEN! All I have to do is steam them for 4 minutes.

Today, I used one bag (I bought two) in a salad I’m making for a church picnic tomorrow. The garbanzos almost didn’t make it into the salad….way to easy to keep popping them into my mouth and the taste was way too yummy. To pull the salad together, I used the peanut sauce developed by Chef AJ (check out her book, “Unprocessed”); hopefully this will prove to my friends that vegan cooking can be exceptionally tasty.  And yes, come Wednesday, you’ll be seeing the recipe for the salad with a link to Chef AJ’s out-of-this-world sauce.