I am not by nature a person who indulges in luxuries. For one thing, they cost money which I could use for more useful things. For another, I feel guilty. There’s a long story behind that so, suffice it to say, I feel guilty.

In spite of my hesitancy to indulge, I did head over to a local nail spa yesterday for a basic manicure (I just couldn’t get my cuticles under control) and a spa pedicure (my heels were sticking to the carpet again). As I sat in this big massage chair, I had one young lady working on my fingernails and another working on my feet. Something about that felt uncomfortable….the old guilt monster creeping in to say “hello.” In the midst of that discomfort, a voice whispered softly to me (I believe it was the voice of GOD): “This is not just an indulgence; you are investing in someone else’s life.”

Wow! That had never occurred to me before. The young ladies doing my nails are Vietnamese immigrants, trying desperately to make lives for themselves here. The woman in the chair next to me spoke of how she was unable to have children. I sat quietly praying for her and the child she so desperately wants. I prayed for those who served me that they could have a bright future here. And I also paid for their nail services. I was investing in someone else’s life.

The beautiful part about this is that it doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing, I can invest in someone else …. the grocery store clerk, the landscaper, the repair man, the workers at the Y I use …. the list is endless. Every person I come into contact with has the potential for my investment. With a kind word and a smile, I can brighten that person’s day. When I pay for a service rendered, I can help that person put food on the table, avoid foreclosure, or go to school. With a prayer, I can, in GOD’s plan, effect a change in that person’s whole life. And that’s just the beginning! Investing in someone else’s life . . . how awesome is that?!?!

I’d love to hear how you’re investing in someone else’s life. Please share!


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  1. I really love the thoughts behind this post — when the whisper of God speaks to us, it’s on us to listen and heed the call.

    How am I investing? By mentoring colleagues in my office, up-and-coming analysts who so want to be a manager like me. By patiently loving and explaining answers to my grandchildren’s endless questions (they know Neenaw gives them what they really really want – time!), by being patient waiting in line, letting someone go ahead of me when I can, by being kind, thoughtful and honest. By being the type of person I’d actually want to be around. Don’t always achieve it, but I always, always, try.

    I may have shared my experiences with another immigrant (I am from Canada originally) before but here it is

    Beautiful post!

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