I fully intended to continue my post regarding Cardio Coach this week…that was not to be. I got sidetracked by life.

A friend of mine from church wound up in the hospital, my husband has been at home the whole week and creates lots of interruptions, and I’m getting ready to take a week long trip. Distractions are part of life. Surely you have them, too. How do you handle them?

I don’t always handle distractions (interruptions) too well. When I awake in the morning, I lie in bed for a bit and formulate a plan for what I want to do and/or accomplish that day. When my plans get messed up, I can easily wind up in a bit of a tailspin because I’m annoyed at something disrupting my plan. I have to re-orient myself and something on my self-imposed “to do” list never gets done. That’s the unsettling part….I can’t put a mental check mark by that item. Oh, NO! (Please note, this does not stress me out; it annoys me.)

The reality is that interruptions happen and, how we deal with those distractions says a great deal about what’s important to us. People come first, stuff comes later. There are some things on my list which are totally inconsequential; the world will not come to an end if I don’t get to Target today. There are some things that can easily be put off….so what if I don’t finish the laundry? (Unless I need it finished so I can pack for a trip, it’s not really a big deal.) That’s the stuff. Praying for a friend who’s going through some hard times, having a conversation with a loved one, pushing a child in a swing….that’s where REAL life happens. We miss so much when we let the distractions keep us from the connections. In our busyness, we often forget that each day we have a choice to make at least once…create something of lasting value (a beautiful memory or a relationship) or create something that’s gone as soon as completed. (Like dusting, it has no lasting value. As soon as the task is completed, the dust begins to form again.)

What choice are you making today?


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  1. I have a tendency to be “selfish” when it comes to what I do. I’ve always been a live by the seat of your pants kinda person. Whatever I’m doing now may not be what I’m doing 10 minutes from now. That sucks when I have a goal in mind, sometimes, but I’m really not very harsh with myself if I don’t accomplish something. I’m happy, my health is improving with every ETL meal I have, I have two dogs who love me and a boyfriend who adores (ok, tolerates 😉 me) and a job I mostly don’t mind. My friends and family come first when necessary and all the other stuff falls into place when it needs to.

  2. I’ve gotten better at handling the road blocks life puts in my way; keeping it in perspective and balancing out what really matters helps me. My favorite trick is to ask myself the 6 month rule: will I care about xyz in 6 mos? Will it matter in 6 mos? Will I even remember in 6 mos? If not, I try not to fuss about whatever “it” is.

    Great post!

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