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My friend, Joyce, over at has been recommending Cardio Coach to me for months. A week ago I finally ordered the 5 CD special (they came VERY quickly) and yesterday I ripped the CDs and synced to my MP3. Today I tried out the first CD.

WHEW! Now I get what Joyce has been talking about. I spent 40 minutes walking and jogging with a sprint thrown in for good measure. And Sean O’Malley’s voice was so encouraging. Now…I’m not out of shape. I’ve been working with a trainer for a few months, after all. BUT I do have a major problem with cardio….first I was on medications that made it hard for me to reach my goals; now I’m off of the medications (thanks to plant-based eating, I might add), but some of the residual effects linger. Cardio Coach has me working on perceived exertion not on my actual heart rate. This really will work for me.

This week I’ll continue to use the first CD in the hopes that I can get my stamina built up a bit. Next week I’m traveling and my exercise will consist solely of walking and playing with my granddaughters (no complaints there!). The following week, I’ll probably use CD 1 again one more time and then switch to CD 2 which will continue to help me build my cardio stamina. I’m PUMPED! (And yes, there’s a pun in there if you think about it…)

I have more to tell about Cardio Coach tomorrow (or the next day). For today, though, just go check it out here: Browse through the site and, if your finances allow it, order the CDs and try them out. It’s like having a personal trainer to push you without the cost. You, too, could be saying “WHEW!”


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  1. Oh, you have no idea how happy I am that you like it. If you are going to do them on back to back days, don’t push as hard every other day (meaning, do it to your max RPE one day, but back it off the next day), you can’t HIIT two days in a row it’ll burn ya’ out ❤

    • Thanks, Joyce. Today, I actually did my cardio on the track. It’s flat! I thought I’d change it up tomorrow by using the treadmill, but doing it with incline instead of speed. I think that should work for me. The first CD is only about 40 minutes, so it’s not as intense as some of the others will be. As I think about it, this first CD would probably be a good one to use on in-between days as I move on to other CDs, and follow up with some weights. I just love having everything pre-timed for me!

  2. sounds great! I have the same issues re blood pressure meds, just getting used to the new freedom of not feeling held back but can over-do it too easily now:)
    pamela x

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