It takes practice

Living a radiant life takes practice and discipline. Each day is filled with choices…do I honor GOD with my choices? Do I honor my body with my choices? And that’s where this blog comes in…. I’m a work in progress. Sometimes my choices are really poor. Sometimes they’re wise. Most days I fall somewhere in between.

Nothing is ever achieved without practice. Who learned to tie his shoes without practicing a gazillion times? An athlete practices until he makes it….to the end of the race…over the hurdle…over the bar….past the marker….and then he practices even more. To improve ourselves, we have to practice. Sometimes we have to practice quite a bit to get it right. Sometimes it only takes a day or two. Statistics have shown, though, that new habits are formed by practicing something for 21 days.

I’ve been following Dr Joel Fuhrman’s plan, “Eat to Live,” for eight months now. Each day is still a practice session for me as I continue to train my body to love nutritious whole foods. A few months ago, I started working out with weights…I now train a couple of times a week. I’m getting stronger….but it takes practice. The spiritual side of things need some more training, too; I haven’t been too consistent in the areas of prayer and Bible study. It takes practice! Practice keeps me from becoming complacent. Practicing a spiritual discipline and a physical discipline work together…I need them both to “get my glow on!”

And so….this blog’s for me and all of you who aim for the radiant life, a life that glows with health and peace and confidence. Let’s practice together!


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  1. Thanks for this Shirley. I love the blog title and I love that you’re doing it. We are all truly practicing this and learning so much about ourselves in the process.

  2. Great points: it all takes practice, whatever we value, aim to be, desire, choose .. takes practice and choice to come to fruition.

    You mentioned in a comments on my blog that you’re new to blogging – one tip I’d give you is to always at categories and tags to each posting. If you quote someone, list the author as a Tag. Search engines (and other readers) can find you easier if your post has tags. Cheers!

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